Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shopping Experience in Lazada Largest Online Store in Indonesia

Lazada Largest Online Store in Indonesia
Just sharing just for the readers of the Center for Technology tips about online shopping is increasingly popular and flourishing in Indonesia, namely Bibli, Lazada, Unity, Rakuten, Papaya, Lamido, all online stores more intense, vigorous win over market share in Indonesia.

We are aware of the presence of some foreign products faced Indonesia to bring fresh air and the impact on the development of a community perspective that once all terms are shopping transactions meet each other, has now begun to shift to online shopping from home enough.

However, it should also be aware that shopping without knowing the seller to detail and lack of vigilance we can also make us fooled by fake sellers, but if for Bibli class online store, Lazada, Rakuten, with an investment of billions of dollars of crap I guess if a site Abal Abal .

I was shopping at ever, it was still a little company of international scale with millions of dollars are pounding the capital market of Southeast Asia especially Indonesia, which has a greater potential of the population.

Initially of course I doubt how professionalism Lazada about the service, regardless of affairs certainly hokey-cheat, then I use a tablet for browsing Lazada, ehh .. promo was already there, 'Install applications and can Lazada shopping vouchers', okay for an additional discount, when I choose a laptop bag products for 350 rb's, after check out and make payment via Internet Banking BCA, not long before I see the status of orders, uh ... it turns out the first day of the delivery process has been carried out, and the bag had to hand over a 7 working days, if you see a 3-4 day delivery receipt should have been up, it turns out that slow the delivery of corporate services.

Regardless of leletnya of service delivery, I think the process until the payment order on its own Lazada I did not find a problem at all, I personally rate of both the service side of the system and personnya eccomerce his deft passable, I think deserve to make Lazada thumb, prove also to your competition, cheers.