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How to Buying a Good Used Car

a Good Used Car
You may want to buy a used car, but do not know how to select it. This time I will tell you how to buy a quality used car, hopefully with the article that I posted this article will bemanfaat for you all. Used Cars - Coming to Lebaran, the used car ads popping up, and there's just any used car, a new car was crowded hunted.
How do I detect the condition of a used car that is loaded in the used car ads? Following Three Tips In Finding Cheap Used Cars
Three Tips In Finding Cheap Used Cars - Finding, selecting and Buying a used car is tricky, for us who do not know and have not been accustomed to look for a quality used car is very confusing. Especially when there are so many used car or auto dealers that sell used cars exchange of various well-known brands. Tips and How do I buy a quality cheap car?? to get a used car with a good low price, good quality and is largely determined by our foresight.

After you prepare the budget the next step is to choose the type of car you want, then it's time for you to go buy it. Buying a car certainly does not always mean that you have to go to a used car dealer. We could buy them directly from the owner. But, most important is that we should stick to the original plan and adhere to budgets that have been made.

The best thing you can do is to show that we already know what is going to be spent and we were looking for a car with a certain brand that has benefits as we want.
Do not ever buy a car directly without first considering it, even if the car was lured cheap discount though. Cars with low price can not necessarily meet your needs. No need to rush. View all the available options. Combine all of the information that car dealers have visited and price compare with each other.

Furthermore, if we are confident with our choices carefully check all parts of our target for the used car. Do not let any one bagianpun missed, it stretcher to avoid regrets later on.

Invite your automobile mechanical workshop of our acquaintance who truly understand completely about used cars, how the condition of the engine and how good the condition of the body and other components. Try to have a clear picture of the condition of the car we will buy.
If it is definitely with our choice, the budget set aside to go to a car repair shop. By knowing the condition of the target used car we can guess what damage there, so we can set a budget for repairs.

Because we buy used car used other people we do not know his condition. For the auto repair shop that can reliably we ask to do a general check-up on the used car we bought new.
this, we provide step-by-step examination of used cars,
Immediately, you read below.
1. In choosing a used car should be patient. Leave what if the seller's price is too high will be offered.
2. You have to know how the market price of a used car is purchased, and start bidding at a price below the price. It is easier to raise your bid rather than lowering the price. Information used car prices can be seen from automotive sites.
3. When it has collected price data when choosing a used car, do not immediately trust the results of the data that you get. Remember, every seller definitely expect a great advantage. Thus, the average price of a used car is already a price that has been raised or not necessarily the price of the used car market.
4. Must you remember, when buying a used car, can also mean you buy the problems of others. Make sure you already know the history of the car you want to buy as well as maintenance. This can be known from the car care card. Find accurate information including whether the car was ever flooded, down machine, accidents etc. Before purchasing the car, ask your mechanic to check the car experts.
5. Test Drive. Try to obtain permission opportunity to perform Test Drive a distance as far as possible with the various forms of road. You could also try the area where the car was often used. With the test drive you can find out the problems that are on the car.
6. Careful also with forgery on the odometer. Things like this do a lot of rogue sellers in order to increase the value of the car that will be sold. So do not be fooled penah the numbers displayed on the odometer.
7. Open the lid on the machine and take a good look - well if there is a belt that is worn out, leaking pipes, oil splattered and also check to see if all the indicators work well, as well as indicator lights.
And in general as follows:
The complete document
Start of registration, reg, purchase invoice (the original), and documents. Tuk check its validity, can ask to SAMSAT Police.

Physical checks
The process of physical checks here not examined or used parts brittle collision. Bring the vehicle to samsat office, of the permission of the owner, tuk ensure that documents which are listed in accordance with that in the car.

Service records
Done at authorized repair shop where the car is always serviced. When the car's way of used car showrooms, ask permission tuk option checked in the official workshop or garage you trust.

Non-standard accessories
Installation of superfluous accessories, such as wide wheels, audio, exterior modifications, interior, and engine. All that could abort the insurance period. Consult this problem when you checked the car to the authorized repair shop.

The warranty period
Ask period and warranty details to the authorized repair shop when the car checked. Make sure the warranty is still valid.

Body condition
Note the fender crease tuk see traces, if the car ever fitted with a wide rim. If so, it could potentially shorten the life of the component legs.

Standard fittings
Check the audio, fog lights (fog), defogger, and others. When it is replaced with aftermarket components such as headlights, make sure the replacement does not interfere with the warranty.

Recovery kit
Make sure the spare tire, jack, wheel lock, a standard tool kit and warning triangle is complete.

Perform test drive a car
Feel the true condition of the car when it is running. When you feel heavy, tend to turn to the left or right, do not buy. Skip also uneven road. This tuk test the condition of the legs of the car.

Insurance can be transferred through the process behind the name of the insurance company that guarantees that the vehicle be purchased. Of course, the document must complete the sale. By then, the process was smooth.

Make sure the car you want to buy a car that is good quality and is still viable for use, hopefully the tips - tips above help car lovers.

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